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  1. What happens if a 17th century theatre play (William Shakespeare`s “The Tempest”) is transfered into a modification of a 21st century video game (Crytek`s First Person Shooter “Far Cry”)?

    Projekt A.R.I.E.L. (ARTificial Research in Electronical Live) proudly presents the “SturmMOD”, part of a theatre / media arts production done in summer 2008 as a project of students of the scenic arts at the university of Hildesheim, Germany. It provides a virtual environment in which a selection of the places and actions described by Shakespeare in his play “The Tempest” (German translation: “Der Sturm”) can be explored and experienced by the players.
    In order to play the modification you need a copy of Far Cry and one of the various versions of the “SturmMOD” available at

    More information [currently only in German!] about the project behind the modification is available at

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  3. What if Shakespeare wrote The Big Lebowski?

    Two Gentlemen of Lebowski

    Rosalind saw this today on

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